Boletins Técnicos

Boletins Técnicos

Einstein/E2 Related Technical Bulletins

026-2604 Direct Impulse Control for Einstein RX
026-2605 ESR8 Software Setup
026-4100 Einstein 1.5 Upgrade Kit Tech Bulletin
026-4111 Powering E2s/Einsteins with 208VAC power
026-4113 Setting up Alco ESR12 Stepper Valves in Einstein & E2
026-4116 Safety Advisory: Configuring Einstein/E2 Ref. Transducer Inputs to Prevent Exhaut Fan Shutdown Due to Open Sensor
026-4121 Problems with Open Echelon Devices in E2 2.30 and E2 2.31
026-4122 Control Techniques VSD Interface to E2 2.4
026-4125 Revised E2 Wiring Guidelines
026-4917 Installation Instructions: E2 and LON 485 Gateway Setup

HAL/REFLECS Technical Bulletins
026-2001 8IO Installation Guide
026-2002 ARTC Installation Guide
026-2003 16AI Installation Guide
026-2004 8RO/8RO-FC Installation Guide
026-2005 4AO Installation Guide
026-2006 MultiFlex 16 Installation Sheet
026-2007 MultiFlex Combination I/O Installation Instructions
026-2013 RT-100 Installation Guide
026-2014CC-100/CS-100 Case Control Installation Guide
026-2015 8DO Installation Guide
026-2016 4AO Installation Guide
026-4001 Update Advisory: E2 2.50F01 Now Available
026-4013 Update Advisory - E2 2.81 and UltraSite32 4.81

   Subcontroller and I/O Board Technical Bulletins
026-4215 Light Dimming Module Installation Instructions

   PC Software Related Technical Bulletins
   UltraSite32 Network Install Guidelines

TCP/IP Networking Technical Bulletins
026-4600 Control Link RSC Installation Instructions
026-4601Control Link Case Display Installation Instructions
026-4602 Control Link ECT Modbus Networking
026-4603 RSC Walk-In Box Controller Installation

Sensors and Peripherals Technical Bulletins
026-2105 CPC Pressure Transducer Installation Instructions
026-4219 Hand Held Terminal Upgrade Kit (814-3118) Instructions
026-4800 CPC Humidity Sensor Installation Instructions
026-4801 Installation Instructions: CO2 Sensor
026-4802 Installation Instructions: D8W3 Watt Transducer
026-4803 MultiFlex I/O, CUB, and RTU Wiring Guidelines
026-4804 PC/104 Modem Installation Instructions (Einstein&E2)
026-4805 Modem String Info for CPC REFLECS Emodem
026-4806 Installation Instructions: Humidity Sensor
026-4807 Installation Instructions: Duct-mntd. Humid Sensor
026-4808 Installation Instructions: Outdoor Humidity Sensor
026-4811 E2 Four-Way Repeater Installation Instructions
026-4812 Wall-Mounted Dewpoint Sensor
026-4813 E2 Plug-In Digital I/O Card
026-4814 New Carel Transducer (30 bar)
026-4815 ECI Temp Sensor Adapter Installation Instructions
026-4816 Installation Instructions: E2 Modem/Communication Expansion Card
026-4817 Installation Instructions: E2 Enhanced Modem Expansion Card (638-3362)
02-4818 Installation Instructions: E2 Enhanced COM3 Cars for External Modem (P/N 638-4875)
026-4820 Installation Instructions: E2 Modem/Com Expansion Card (637-4872)
026-4823 Modular Refrigerant Leak Detection Sensor (MRLDS) Instructions
026-4824 Installation Instructions: Wall-Mount Dewpoint Probe
026-4827 PT1000 Temperature Sensor Adapter Installation Instructions

026-4828 Installation Instructions: Carbon Dioxide Sensor
026-4829 Installation Instructions: Wall-Mount Dewpoint and Temperature Probe
026-4830 Installation Instructions: Termination Blocks
026-4831 Installation Instructions: E2 Enhanced Four-Way Repeater Card (638-4830)

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