Copeland X-Ref™

Copeland X-Ref™ 


(17 de setembro de 2010)
Copeland X-Ref™
Instant mobile access to Emerson’s compressor cross-reference database

Copeland X-Ref™ provides on-the-go access to Emerson’s air conditioning compressor cross-reference database to product specifications and replacement Copeland® compressors. Users search information using the first three digits of a compressor model number; the application will then provide service data on three Copeland® compressor replacement options.

  • Over 8,800 A/C compressors added
  • Includes Top 50 Refrigeration models
  • Updated “Where to Buy” locator
  • Expanded R-410A model listing
  • Competitor models restructured
  • Revised update feature

Download the Copeland X-Ref 1.0 application for your Android™or iPhone® devices or Copeland X-Ref 2.0 on your Blackberry® device for FREE.