Copeland Discus™ with CoreSense™ Protection

Copeland Discus™ with CoreSense™ Protection

Copeland Discus™ semi-hermetic compressors have, for years, been the choice and the standard in the refrigeration industry.

The Copeland Discus compressor with CoreSense™ Protection saves energy – and money. Why? Because it’s the most energy-efficient compressor available for your refrigeration needs. In fact, Discus™ compressors have led the industry in energy efficiency for decades, delivering up to 12.2% more energy efficiency than any reed compressor technology. And our Discus valve technology is designed to meet a broad range of application requirements.

Copeland Discus compressors with CoreSense Protection are also built to last, saving you even more money in maintenance and service calls. Engineered for high quality and outstanding reliability, each Discus model passes a grueling series of performance and durability tests. Rigorous testing, combined with more than 25 years of field experience, makes reliability a hallmark of Discus compressor technology.

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Supermarket refrigeration contractor relies on CoreSense Protection
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Emerson Climate Technologies Launches Compressor Electronics for Full Commercial Refrigeration Compressor Line


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Discus with CoreSense™ Protection