Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken reduces energy costs
After researching different walk-in refrigeration equipment options, Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken made a plan to compare legacy equipment to newer technology in real-world field test locations. The operators worked closely with Emerson and Astro, their equipment supplier, to identify opportunities for improvements in energy efficiency, maintenance and product protection.

Contractors gain accuracy, save time with Electronic Unit Controller
Emerson Electronic Unit Controllers (EUC) for condensing units can be set in less than one minute and will maintain low-pressure control more accurately than traditional mechanical controls over the life of the system.

Contractor reduces setup time with Electronic Unit Controller
Contractors enjoy multi-refrigerant approval in a single condensing unit, and utilize the built-in diagnostics to quickly troubleshooting any field issues.

Manhattan restaurant upgrades to compact, quiet walk-in solution
Restaurant owner facing location issues and large capital investment saves more than $50,000 while meeting critical operating requirements for his refrigeration systems.

Restaurant upgrades to high efficiency walk-in refrigeration solution
Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant, a full-service restaurant operating over 80 locations, lowers energy bills and earns a utility rebate covering up to 50% of project costs.