Copeland Compressor FAQ
Copeland Compressor FAQ
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1. How can you tell if a scroll is running backwards?
2. Where do I find what the approved refrigerants are for compressors?
3. How can the performance of a compressor be determined?
4. What is the recommended superheat of Copeland™ brand compressors?
5. What is the discharge temperature limit of Copeland™ brand compressors?
6. How do you check oil pressure on a semi-hermetic compressor?
7. Can I mix Polyol Ester (POE) and Mineral Oil (MO) together?
8. What is the viscosity of POE oil?
9. Where do I find the bolt torque specifications for DWM Copeland compressors?
10. Can I add an additive to the oil in a system?
11. How can I determine the type and quantity of oil in a compressor?

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