Alco Electronic Controls
Alco Electronic Controls

The wide range of Emerson controllers covers all major applications in commercial air conditioning and refrigeration as well as heat pump systems. There are stand alone controllers and controllers with a communication interface, which allows using them in LON networked systems too.
The controllers with TCP/IP Ethernet communication feature a full web server function and provide full data exchange with any user in the World Wide Web. This allows quick and inexpensive monitoring from any PC with a standard web browser.

Drivers and Superheat Controllers  provide stepper motor drivers for the electrical control valves of the EX4 to EX8 Series. The Superheat Controllers allow stable superheat control with these valves, while the Digital Superheat Controllers can be synchronized with the PWM capacity control valve incorporated in the Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressor technology.

Display Case and Cold Room Controllers  provide all functions needed to run commercial refrigeration, like superheat control with electrical control valve, thermostat, fan and defrost control, integrated timer and alarm functions.

Other controllers  offer control functions on the “hot side” of the refrigeration circuit: Condenser and condensing unit controllers, rack controllers for up to 8 single stage compressors, or for multi-stage compressors and dual circuit controllers.

The Compressor Soft Starter  is mandatory for start current limitation of single phase compressors, mainly used in private heat pumps.

Electronic Fan Speed Controllers  help to maintain a minimum condensing pressure by reducing fan speed at low ambient temperature.

Sensors and Accessories  are needed for operation of above controllers.
Pressure Transmitters convert pressure in a calibrated electric signal with high linearity, optimized for the need of the refrigeration industry.

Digital Superheat Controllers

Compressor Soft Starter

Electronic Fan Speed Contoller

Pressure Transmitter