Emerson Climate Technologies manufactures a wide variety of valves designed to protect and control HVAC/R systems.

  • Electronic Expansion Valves are used with controllers for stable and precise superheat control under varying conditions.
  • Thermo-Expansion Valves (TXVs) regulate the liquid refrigerant flow into the evaporator by maintaining the specified superheat at the outlet of the evaporator.
  • Solenoid and Shut-off Valves are used to start and stop the refrigerant flow within the system. Our electrically operated valves can be positioned in remote locations and conveniently controlled by simple electrical switches. Ball Valves are used to stop refrigerant flow in liquid lines and compressor discharge lines while maintenance, e.g. filter change.
  • Pressure Regulators can be sorted in hot gas by pass pressure regulators, evaporator pressure regulators and crankcase pressure regulators.

Expansion and Solenoid Valves