Scroll Compressors
Copeland Scroll Compressors
Copeland Scroll Compressors

When Emerson first pioneered the use of scroll technology in compressors, it changed the industry forever. Since then, Copeland Scroll™ technology remains at the forefront for Comfort and Refrigeration applications, impressing contractors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with its superior efficiency, proven reliability and ease of installation.

- Efficiency
- Innovation
- Reliability

With the broadest product line in the industry, Copeland Scroll compressors range from 1.5–60 hp. Over 100 million units have been manufactured worldwide.

Copeland Scroll compressors can be used in single, tandem and trio configurations to provide system superior full load and part-load efficiency.

How It WorksHow Copeland Scroll Compressors Work

How Scroll Compressors Work

The Copeland Scroll compressor has one scroll, or spiral, orbiting in a path defined by a matching fixed scroll. The fixed scroll is attached to the compressor body.

The orbiting scroll is coupled to the crankshaft and orbits, rather than rotates. The orbiting motion creates a series of gas pockets travelling between the two scrolls. On  the outer portion of the scrolls, the pockets draw in gas, which they then force to the centre of the scroll, where the gas is discharged.  As the gas moves into the increasingly smaller inner pockets, the temperature and pressure increase to the desired discharge pressure.

Design BenefitsCopeland Scroll Compressor Design Benefits

Better Liquid Handling
Axial and radial compliance allow the scroll members to separate in the presence of liquid refrigerant, thus, providing protection against liquid damage and compressor superior robustness and reliability.

Greater Efficiency
More efficient over their entire operating range

Unmatched Reliability
  • 70% fewer moving parts then other compression technologies
  • Ability to start under any system load, without start components
  • Easy to service and maintain due to their compact size and lightweight, simple design
  • Engineered for optimum performance with today’s chlorine-free refrigerants
  • No complex internal suction and discharge valves for quieter operation and higher reliability

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