Copeland™ brand compressors are engineered for higher efficiency, lower sound levels, superior durability and unsurpassed reliability. They allow the integration of new and environmentally-friendly refrigerants into your systems, while seamlessly improving efficiency and performance levels.


1 to 60 hp Copeland Scroll compressor


Scroll – 1 to 60 hp scroll compressors for every application, including commercial and residential air conditioning, commercial and industrial refrigeration, and refrigerated transport. Copeland Scroll™ compressors deliver unmatched performance and comfort for homeowners and end-users alike. With over 100 million installations worldwide, Copeland Scroll compressors have earned a reputation for reliability and lower energy costs.


Semi-hermetic compressor for refrigeration


Semi-Hermetic – 0.5 to 70 hp reciprocating compressors provide premium alternatives for systems requiring full temperature performance including low temperature evaporating conditions to

Vilter Manufacturing provides a complete line of industrial refrigeration compressors, including reciprocating, single screw for use with ammonia and other refrigerants.

 Vilter Reciprocating compressor  

Reciprocating – The flagship VMC 450 XL can operate at compression ratios up to 14:1 with certain refrigerants. It can be belt-driven up to 224 kW or direct-driven up to 285 kW. It is capable of operating at pressure differentials up to 17.2 bar, actual discharge pressures to 24.1 bar, and suction pressures to 10.3 bar.

 Vilter Single Screw compressor


Single Screw – A rotary, positive displacement compressor which incorporates a main screw and two gaterotors. Compression of the gas is accomplished by the engagement of the two gaterotors with the helical grooves in the main screw. The drive shaft imparts rotary motion to the main screw which in turn drives the intermeshed gaterotors.