Industrial Compressors
Industrial Compressors

Industrial Refrigeration
Vilter Manufacturing's complete line of industrial refrigeration compressors include reciprocating, Single Screw. The Single Screw compressor's low life-cycle costs and high reliability are backed by an exclusive 15-year bearing warranty.

Industrial Heating
Vilter has launched the Single Screw VSSH Series for high pressure heat pump screw compressor. These screw compressor units, with frames constructed of cast steel, are capable of operating with ammonia at extremely high condensing temperatures. The heat pump compressors provide a cost effective solution to harnessing and converting your heat of rejection to high grade hot water, up to 90°C.

Gas Compression
Emerson is dedicated to delivering new gas compression solutions with our scroll and screw technologies. With compression technologies developed specifically for gas processing, emission reduction, biogas, LNG and CNG, and production applications, Emerson has the engineering know-how to develop the right component equipment that significantly contributes to safe and efficient operations.

Vilter's Single Screw gas compressors deliver longer life, higher reliability and better energy efficiency than twin screw compressors and have fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors.