Emerson Climate Technologies is the world's leading compressor manufacturer, offering more than 10,000 Copeland™ brand compressor models in a wide range of technologies. A pioneer in the HVACR industry, the company led the introduction of scroll technology to the marketplace

With Copeland Scroll™ and semi-hermetic available for all main refrigerants, equipped with smart electronics and capable of digital and variable speed modulation, Emerson Climate Technologies has taken compression technology to new heights.

From office buildings to healthcare facilities, Copeland Scroll and semi-hermetic compressors ensure the comfort, efficiency and reliability needed to keep businesses running. Copeland scroll technology continues to meet the emerging needs of the commercial air conditioning market, offering scroll products for applications ranging from multiplex cinemas and hotels to shopping centres.

Visit the commercial markets below:

Convenience Stores
Food Processing
Multiplex cinemas
Office Buildings
Refrigerated Warehousing
Shopping Centres

Scroll compressors for commercial applications, ranging from multiplex cinemas and hotels to shopping centres