Office Buildings
Office Buildings
Office buildings use a variety of cooling/heating equipments to provide a comfortable working environment and proper air quality control.

State of the art solutions involve the use of water chillers and heat pumps for production of the chilled/hot water, fan-coils and low temperature radiators as terminal units for the local office, meeting room individual comfort management and air handlers for air quality control, ventilation, and heat recovery.

Emerson offers energy efficient products, technologies and solutions to help equipment manufacturers to build reliable office building HVAC equipments.

The Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressor is a great solution for office buildings, allowing the HVAC system to modulate between 10-100% capacity to accommodate the varying loads an office building sees in a day. 

Emerson also offers large capacity thermal expansion valves, replaceable core filter-driers, moisture indicators, electronic valves and controls.
Emerson solutions for office buildings