Welcome to Vilter Manufacturing

Vilter Manufacturing provides a complete line of compressors for industrial refrigeration, Industrial heating and gas compression including reciprocating and  single screw.

Vilter's Single Screw compressors provide the lowest life-cycle costs, and highest reliability of all industrial refrigeration, industrial heating and gas compressors. Its balanced design provides quiet and reliable operation. Dependable performance, well beyond 100,000 hours, is effortlessly achieved without the need for special oil filtration or vibration monitoring and analysis. Periodic compressor rebuilds and overhauls are relatively unheard of with the Vilter single screw compressor.

Applied as Industrial Heat Pumps, the single screw compressors extract heat from a variety of sources and convert it to high grade hot water, up to 90°C or higher for beneficial heating duty, reducing or eliminating the need for fossil fuels.