DIXELL Company, situated in Pieve d'Alpago (Belluno), has positioned itself among world leaders of electronic regulation and control in Refrigeration, Conditioning and Cooking fields thanks to continuous Technologic Innovation and a focus on Energy Saving issues. 

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Its products are distributed and supported in over 70 countries, by a sales network of experienced and qualified personnel, guaranteeing the correct selection of controllers and an efficient after sales service. Competence, professionalism, and courtesy make the Company Customer Service Dept. stand out. It provides distributors and customers alike with technical support, solutions and concise answers to issues that may arise.

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Continuous research and development means that all our controllers feature the latest generation of microprocessors. Giving due consideration to the actual needs of many users leads us to develop Dixell’s fast and simple programming methods. Most operating features are carefully developed through listening closely to the requirements of our many users. Our “Research and Development” and our “Production” departments are highly flexible, which means they can respond quickly to specific customer requirements and offer appropriate solutions. Highly sophisticated equipment is now employed in the development and control of manufacturing.

Dixell pays particular attention to the respect of the environment and is constantly looking for new solutions in accordance with this philosophy.

Dixell has been awarded with UNI EN ISO 9001. All products conform to CE rules concerning low voltage and electromagnetic compatibility; the most important products have also obtained the non-compulsory Brand Certification as ENEC and UL.

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