Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions Europe

​Retail Solutions provides building automation solutions for the retail world. Human comfort, food safety and energy saving are the objectives it aims to maximize whilst minimizing other operation and maintenance costs.

It provides systems for the local management and remote control of the store - lights, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and power monitoring - which generate significant energy savings (up to 25%, depending on the initial conditions).

Energy efficiency is achieved through the combined effect of products, energy consulting, advanced analysis of energy consumption patterns remote management and control.

Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions Europe offers call center services active 7 days a week to interact with stores, supporting on-site personnel like store managers and service people and managing the store remotely (for the store keeper that means saving on time, labor and expertise).

In Italy it offers a team of specialized technicians throughout the country to perform start up, commissioning and maintenance activities (granting certified professional skills and uniformity of service to preserve the savings and efficiency of systems).

In the other major European countries we act combining our direct resources and our selected local partners.

Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions is a global leader in the retail world where it has been present for over 20 years and has over 15,000 hypermarkets and supermarkets currently managed.


Emerson Climate Technologies
Retail Solutions Europe
Angelo Ramazzotti
26B 21047 Saronno, Varese, Italy
Tel.: +39 02961785
Email: retailsolutions.eu@emerson.com