ZX Cloud Monitoring
ZX Cloud Monitoring
ZX Cloud – The Effective Monitoring Tool For Refrigeration Applications

The ZX Cloud is an innovative monitoring solution of Emerson Climate Technologies. It provides real time information about the system operation status and supports operators and service providers in securing refrigeration. It helps to understand and analyze system behavior, such as cycling frequency, down times, trends and variation depending on impacts like daytime, seasons and systems load. The ZX Cloud can be ordered as an option for the most efficient and compact ZX Digital condensing unit. The cloud components and monitoring equipment are already mounted and wired inside the condensing unit. This allows for time-saving commission on site.

The ZX Cloud features and benefits:

  • Remote monitoring allows for access from anywhere at any time, thus helping to reduce site visits
  • Visibility of energy consumption enables better cost control and identification of saving potential
  • Direct links to applications guidelines and spare parts lists save service time
  • Adjustable alarm function enables immediate reaction before temperature rises and food spoils
  • The online logbook is an easy and convenient tool to record maintenance activities according to legislation

So the key benefits of the ZX Cloud are preventing costly energy waste, avoiding food spoilage and reducing service cost and time.

If you want to learn more about the ZX Cloud, please download the product leaflet or get in touch with your sales representative.

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