Controls Navigator
Controls Navigator
The selection tool for all electronic and mechanical control components by Emerson Climate Technologies and Alco Controls offers a simple and quick solution for selecting the right mechanical and electronic component based on refrigerant and operating conditions.

The results include part code numbers for quick and easy ordering as well as all related accessories.

The Controls Navigator in a few points:
•    For all electronic and mechanical controls
•    Easy to use
•    Multi-language capability
•    Component selection based on operating conditions and refrigerant entered by user
•    Results include part code numbers as well as all related accessories
•    Direct links to technical documentation and operating instructions

Products covered:
•    Electronic and mechanical expansion valves
•    Electronic controllers/drivers
•    Solenoid valves
•    Electrically or mechanically driven regulators
•    Oil management components
•    Pressure switches
•    System protectors
•    Line components such as ball valves and sight glasses

The Controls Navigator contains typical refrigeration circuit system schematics, including CO2 booster, demonstrating the design conditions of the components in various system applications e.g.  electrical control valves operating as expansion valves, hot gas bypass, suction gas throttling, heat reclaim etc.

Controls Navigator
What's New

The Controls Navigator has been updated and is available for download. Users are recommended to upgrade and work with the latest version.

The updates includes:

  • Selection of products for new HFO  blends/pure refrigerants: R448A, R449A, R450A, R513A and R1234ze
  • Selection of TX7 (expansion valve for commercial comfort) with standard refrigerants as well as R32
  • Selection of CX4-7 for CO2 transcritical heat reclaim application


Download the Controls Navigator to experience instant access to the full range of controls component families.