Select 7 Full Version Installation Instructions
Select 7 Full Version Installation Instructions

On this page you can download the complete installation of the latest version of SELECTION SOFTWARE including Drawings.

To make the installation:
1. Click on the download link below, and download the installation file into a temporary location on your hard disk. You can then work offline if you wish.
2. Double-click on the installation file and follow the screen instructions.
You can install the program in a location of your choice. Installation into the default location is recommended. Then your existing program and data files will be overwritten, but you will retain your user details and other customised information.

Current program version: v. 7.16 (13/10/2017)
Current database version: v. 43147 (16/02/2018)

Download Full version with drawings (Size : 128 MB / Date : 16/02/2018)

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