Site Supervisor Facility Management System
Site Supervisor Facility Management System
​Site Supervisor is a system that combines energy management with the ability to monitor various facility systems and provide alerts when there are issues that need attention. This system provides HVAC control, refrigeration system monitoring & control, as well as lighting control. In addition, the Site Supervisor can monitor and report energy consumption and take action to reduce the energy demand during peak periods energy demand during peak periods.
This will have a direct  impact on utility bills by reducing the total energy costs. Site Supervisor ensures that the HVAC and lighting systems are on and off at the appropriate times. This ability to monitor store conditions will help to minimize energy consumption.
 Site Supervisor
Key Features:
  • HVAC control, lighting control, door monitoring
  • Refrigeration monitoring and control 
  • Remote access via standard web browser, native mobile devices support
  • Automated alerts for “out of tolerance” conditions
  • Energy monitory & demand
  • Access to data logs and equipment performance information
  • Real time alarm notification via email and SMS
  • The "Intelligent" Advantage 

Helpful Materials
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Site Supervisor
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