Building Energy Management System
E2 Building Energy Management System

BX (Building Control System)  
The E2 Facility Management System is the foundation of any retailer's energy and maintenance reduction strategy. The E2 is designed to provide complete control of building and refrigeration systems including: compressor groups, condensers, walk-ins, HVAC units and lighting.  
Taking Back Control

  • E2 BX Series controllers are easy to work with;
  • Enables rooftop units (RTU) to be controlled based on a specific temperature-sensor reading;
  • Create zones of variable heating or cooling to meet specific demands and cycle heating and cooling stage to maximize energy savings, while maintaining the correct temperature and relative-humidity setpoints.

Power Monitoring

  • Maximizes building comfort levels while minimizing wasted energy;
  • Monitors and regulates power usage;
  • Comes with extensive demand shedding features and detailed power-usage logs to help you spot trends and optimize performance.

Lighting Control

  • Combines results from time schedules, light-level sensors and override buttons;
  • Determines whether your lights are illuminated, optimizes your lighting needs and provides you with timed overrides;
  • Employs push button control.


  • Seamlessly interfaces with third-party devices using Echelon, Modbus and BACnet;
  • Integrates and controls devices with a single controller.

HVAC and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

  • Monitors and controls IAQ in HVAC applications to meet ASHRAE standards;
  • Reduces energy usage and expenses using advanced algorithms to bring in and condition only the required amount of outside air. 

In addition to being an integrated site management system, the E2 can be the foundation of any customer’s enterprise site-management system. In partnership with the ProAct™ Service Center, Retail Solutions can provide customers with features such as alarm monitoring and verification of facility operating setpoints. This means that customers can reduce energy, maintenance, and other operating expenses, while also improving the operation of facility equipment.

Click link for a product data sheet on BX (Building Control System).  
Click link for the E2's user manual detailing programming and installation instructions.