Condensing Unit, Rack and Condenser Controllers
Condensing Unit, Rack and Condenser Controllers

Capacity control is the key to energy saving. Refrigeration systems are dimensioned to maximum required capacity which is needed only while the few warmest days a year. In the other days they can operate with partial load. Temperature and pressure measurements can help to reduce the system’s power consumption.

The controllers from Emerson Climate Technologies feature network links which makes it very easy to communicate with supervisory systems.

LON communication allows the controllers to communicate direct with other controllers in the same network.

The controllers with TCP/IP Ethernet communication provide a full WebServer function and can be linked in the World Wide Web. Monitoring is very easy with every connected PC with the standard WebBrowser. 

  • EC2-552 series provide condensing unit controllers, which use the suction pressure to control the capacity of up to two compressors from which one can be a digital scroll. This makes a stepless capacity range from 5%–100%. An additional sensor for condensing pressure can be used to decrease the condenser fan speed in case the condensing pressure becomes too low for stable valve operation.
  • EC2-7 Series use the condensing pressure to control the condenser fan capacity.
  • EC3-65 Series controls racks with up to eight compressors from which one can be a Copeland Scroll Digital™ and by this offer stepless capacity control from 1,3% to 100%.
  • EC3-67 Series is for racks with multistage compressors with up to 12 stages.
  • EC3-8 Series is dedicated for compressor racks with two independent control circuits; one can be used for medium temperature, the other for low temperature.
  • EC3-93 Series has one control circuit for a rack with up to four compressors from which one can be a digital scroll and a 2nd control circuit for up to three fans + speed control.
  • EC3-75 Series is for condensers with up to 6 fans, from which one can be continuously controlled via a 0 to 10V analogue output. 

Rack and Condenser Controller

Condensing Unit Controller