Pressure Regulators
Pressure Regulators
Mechanical pressure regulators are used in refrigeration systems to compensate the effects of system load variations and ambient temperature variations.

Hot gas bypass regulators of the ACP and CPHE series compensate excess compressor capacity and by this prevent the generation of evaporator pressure below predetermined values.

Evaporator pressure regulators of the PRE series maintain evaporator pressure above predetermined values. This is important when several evaporators with different evaporator temperatures are operated on the same suction line.

Crankcase pressure regulators of the PRC series prevent excessively high suction pressures to protect compressor motor from overloading. This can occur at startup of a refrigeration circuit in case of high loads and after defrost.

The electrical control valves EX4-8 offer extremely flexible use for applications like hot gas bypass, suction pressure regulation (evaporating or crankcase pressure), suction pressure regulation, condensing pressure regulation, hot gas flow as heat reclaim application and liquid duty.
Crankcase Pressure Regulator
Hot Gas Bypass Regulator