Mechanical Controls
Mechanical Controls

Emerson Climate Technologies offers control solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Emerson's hardware and software control solutions are designed to improve system performance and save energy, while lowering downtime and maintenance costs.

  • Oil Management is critical to ensuring the reliable operation of the equipment while simultaneously maintaining high system performance.
  • Pressostats Thermostats protect the system from damage during abnormal operating conditions and provide control during compressor cycling, pump-down and defrost conditions.
  • System Protectors – increase the reliability of the refrigeration system by capturing and controlling contaminants such as moisture, acid, debris, resin, and wax.
  • Valves – Thermo™-Expansion Valves, Electronic Expansion Valves, Pressure Regulators, Solenoid and Shut-off Valves.

Electrical Control Valve  

Filter Drier Shell 

 Oil Level Management

  Dual Pressure Control