Semi-Hermetic Condensing Units Line Up
Semi Hermetic Units Standard - R22
DWM Copeland Semi Hermetic Indoor Air Cooled Condensing Units are designed for Traditional Refrigeration for Low, Medium and High Temperature Applications.Condensing unit is supplied with Semi-Hermetic DWM Copeland compressor, Cu/Al Condenser with single Phase fan motor(s), Liquid Receiver, Electrical box, HP/LP Switch pre-wired.
ModelCompressor DataMotor Versions(2)
 Nominal HPCooling Capacity220/240-1-50380/420-3-50
HPkW(1) R22
B8-KM-750.81.8 EWL
B8-KM-7X0.81.8 EWL
B8-KJ-1001.02.3CAG EWL
B8-KJ-10X1.02.3CAG EWL
B8-KJ-7X0.82.3CAG EWL
B8-KSJ-10X1.02.8CAG EWL
D8-KSJ-1501.53.2CAG EWL
D8-KSJ-15X1.53.2CAG EWL
D8-KSL-2002.04.3 EWL
D8-KSL-20X2.04.3 EWL
D8-LE-2002.04.3 EWL
D8-LE-20X2.04.3 EWL
H8-KSL-2002.04.6 EWL
H8-KSL-20X2.04.6 EWL
H8-LE-2002.04.7 EWL
H8-LE-20X2.04.7 EWL
H8-LF-3003.06.3 EWL
H8-LF-30X3.06.3 EWL
P8-LF-3003.06.7 EWL
P8-LF-30X3.06.7 EWL
H8-LJ-3003.07.0 EWL
H8-LJ-30X3.07.0 EWL
P8-LJ-3003.07.5 EWL
P8-LJ-30X3.07.5 EWL
H8-LL-4004.08.5 EWL
H8-LL-40X4.08.5 EWL
P8-LL-4004.09.2 EWL
P8-LL-40X4.09.2 EWL
M8-2SA-4504.59.4 EWL
M8-2SA-45X4.59.4 EWL
M9-2SA-5505.510.0 EWL
M9-2SA-55X5.510.0 EWL
R7-2SA-4504.510.2 EWL
R7-2SA-45X4.510.2 EWL
M9-2SC-5505.511.9 EWL
M9-2SC-55X5.511.9 EWL
S9-2SC-5505.512.9 EWL
S9-2SC-55X5.512.9 EWL
S9-2SC-6506.513.2 EWL
S9-2SC-65X6.513.2 EWL
M9-2SK-6506.513.5 EWL
M9-2SK-65X6.513.5 EWL
V9-3SA-7507.514.6 EWL
V9-3SA-75X7.514.6 AWM
V9-2SK-6506.515.2 EWL
V9-2SK-65X6.515.2 EWL
S9-3SC-750 DTC7.516.9 AWM
V6-3SC-100010.018.0 EWL
V6-3SC-100X10.018.0 AWM
V6-3SC-750 DTC7.518.7 AWM
V6-3SS-1000 DTC15.023.6 AWM
W9-3SS-1000 DTC15.023.9 AWM
W9-3SS-150015.024.0 EWL
W9-3SS-150X15.024.0 AWM
W9-4SA-200020.026.8 AWM
W9-4SA-200X20.026.8 AWM
Z9-4SA-200020.029.2 AWM
Z9-4SA-200X20.029.2 AWM
V6-4SL-1500 DTC15.030.6 AWM
W9-4ST-2000 DTC20.035.0 AWM
Z9-4SH-250025.036.2 AWM
Z9-4SH-250X25.036.2 AWM
Z9-4SJ-300030.041.2 AWM
Z9-4SJ-300X30.041.2 AWM
Z9-6SL-2500 DTC25.047.0 AWM
W99-6SH-350035.050.2 AWM
Z9-6ST-3200 DTC32.053.2 AWM
W99-6SJ-400040.056.6 AWM
W99-6SJ-400X40.056.6 AWM
(1) kW @ Std. Cond. for: R22, Evaporating -10°C, Ambient 32°C, Suction Gas Return 20°C, Subcooling 0K
(2) Motor versions : for all other motor versions, please contact our sales offices