EazyCool™ Line-Up
Scroll Outdoor Units Standard - R134a
Copeland EazyCool™ Scroll Outdoor Condensing Units are designed fully equipped for a quick & easy installation and integration neighbourhood environment. Condensing unit is supplied with ABS Weatherproof housing covering Copeland Scroll™ compressor, Cu/Al Condenser with single Phase fan motor(s), Liquid Receiver, Electrical box, HP/LP Switch pre-wired.
ModelCompressor DataMotor Versions(2)
 Nominal HPCooling Capacity220/240-1-50380/420-3-50
HPkW(1) R134a
OM-152.02.2 TFD
OM-213.03.0PFJ TFD
OM-263.53.4PFJ TFD
OM-304.04.3 TFD
OM-385.05.4 TFD
OM-456.06.3 TFD
(1) kW @ Std. Cond. for: R134a, Evaporating -10°C, Ambient 32°C, Suction Gas Return 20°C, Subcooling 0K
(2) Motor versions : for all other motor versions, please contact our sales offices