Technical Details
Cooling Capacity at Standard Condition 13.29kW
R404A, Evaporating -10°C, Condensing 45°C, Suction Gas Return 20°C, Subcooling 0K (Dew Point data)
Mechanical Data
Displacement @ 50 Hz, cu.m/h22.1 Length/Width, mm264/284
Height, mm476.0 Net Weight, kg57.2
Rotalock Suction, inch1 3/4 Rotalock Discharge, inch1 1/4
Oil Quantity, l2.5 Base mounting (hole dia), mm190 x 190 (8.5)
Sound Pressure @ 1m, dBA65.0 Sound Power, dBA76.0
Sound Power with Sound Shell, dBA66.0 PED Category2.0
High Side PS, bar(g)32.0 Low Side PS, bar(g)22.6
Low Side TS Max., °C50.0 Low Side TS Min., °C-35.0
Internal Free Volume, l10.5  
Electrical Data
Maximum Operating Current, A15.6 Locked Rotor Current, A95.0
Start Winding Resistance, ohm1.8 Winding Resistance, ohm1.8
Default Enclosure ClassIP 21 (IEC 34)  
Oil Control SystemALCO Trax-Oil OM3
Rotalock valvessuction and discharge
Mounting GrommetsStandard
Mounting GrommetsHard Mounts for Paralleling
Sound AttenuationSound Shell (10dBA)
Discharge Temperature ProtectionInternal Thermistor
Enclosure ClassIP66 With Molded Plug
Crankcase Heater66W External
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Technical Information
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Application Guidelines
Scroll Compressors for Refrigeration - ZB15K* to ZB220K*, ZS21K* to ZS11M*, ZF06K* to ZF48K*, ZF13KVE to ZF48KVE
Copeland ScrollTM Summit Series - ZB50KCE to ZB114KCE, ZB66K5E to ZB114K5E & ZF25K5E to ZF49K5E
Technical Drawings
Drawing for compressor ZB50, 58
Old declarations (before April 2016)
Scroll Ref Summit ZB: Declaration of Incorporation according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Scroll Ref Summit ZB: Conformity Declaration CE 06 according to the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC
Scroll Ref Summit ZB: Conformity Declaration according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC
Scroll: Conformity Declaration according to the RoHS declaration 2011/65/EU
Wiring Diagramms
Wiring diagram Scroll ZB15K* to ZB45K*, ZB50K* to ZB114K*, ZS19K* to ZS45K*, ZF06K* to ZF18K* TF*
Safety & Assembly Instructions
Safety & Assembly Instructions for Copeland Scroll Compressors
Declarations (after April 2016)
EU Declaration of Incorporation according to the Machinery Directive for Scroll PED category II & III
EU Declaration of Conformity according to the LVD, PED , ATEX and RoHS for Scroll PED category II & III
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