Compact Outdoor Refrigeration Units
Copeland EazyCool™ ZX Series

The Copeland EazyCool Outdoor Refrigeration Unit (ZX Series) for commercial refrigeration offers the highest energy efficiency available in a standard unit to lower utility bills for operators. Ranging in size from 2– 7.5 HP the ZX units are perfectly suited for typical food service and retail applications.

The ZX Series combines the latest Copeland Scroll™ compressor technology, variable speed fan motor control, large condenser coils, vapor injection (LT models) and a high efficiency fan blade design to deliver significantly higher annual energy efficiency when compared to standard industry offerings.

Standard CoreSense™ Diagnostics provide field technicians key information to quickly and accurately troubleshoot system issues, lowering maintenance costs and avoiding nuisance service calls, while offering built-in compressor protection to help extend equipment life.

The Copeland EazyCool ZX unit’s slim profile, light weight, wall mount capability, and ultra-quiet design features can also offer customers added benefits like: crane rental savings, flexible location options, ease of installation and service savings, compliance with noise ordinances, plus a more attractive and quieter atmosphere for customers and neighbors.


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 Outdoor Refrigeration Unit - ZX-Range Leaflet  

Outdoor Refrigeration Unit - ZX-Range Leaflet

Copeland EazyCool™ ZX Series
ZX refrigeration units already meet future efficiency requirements of the Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC)