Semi-Hermetic Compressors Line Up
Stream Digital - R407F
The Stream Series comes with Digital™ technology in order to provide 50…100% (4-cylinder) and 30…100 % (6-cylinder) step-less capacity modulation while ensuring precise temperature control and system efficiency. Digital is a much simpler modulation alternative to commonly used frequency inverters but confers the same control and energy saving benefits. Digital modulation can easily and quickly be implemented into any existing system design. The modulation mechanism is based on blocking the suction on one of the compressor cylinder banks. By controlling the time when actual compression is taking place, the capacity output of the compressor can be infinitely adjusted from 30-100%. This new approach to capacity control provides many benefits:
  • Continuous modulation ensures a perfect match of capacity and power to the desired load
  • An economical and reliable alternative to variable speed drive
  • Precise suction pressure control with associated energy savings
  • Food quality is maintained by stable evaporating temperatures in the refrigerated areas
  • Reduced maintenance and longer life cycle through improved compressor reliability and reduced contactor wear, resulting from up to 90% reduction in compressor cycling
ModelCompressor DataMotor Versions(2)
 Nominal HPCooling Capacity220/240-1-50380/420-3-50
HPkW(1) R407F
4MAD-22X 22.032.0 AWM
4MHD-25X 25.037.2 AWM
4MID-30X 27.041.0 AWM
4MJD-33X 33.045.7 AWM
4MKD-35X 32.051.0 AWM
6MID-40X 35.062.8 AWM
6MJD-45X 40.069.4 AWM
6MKD-50X 50.078.3 AWM
(1) kW @ Std. Cond. for: R407F, Evaporating -10°C, Condensing 45°C, Suction Gas Return 20°C, Subcooling 0K (Dew Point data), 100 % Loaded
(2) Motor versions : for all other motor versions, please contact our sales offices