Semi-Hermetic Compressors Line Up
Stream - R744
The Stream Series also features several models of 4 cylinder compressors for CO2-transcritical applications and are ideal for R744 medium temperature cascade and booster systems. The Series characterized by a design pressure of 135 bar. Refrigerant flow and heat transfer have been optimized for best performance. In combination with the CO2-subcritical scroll for the low temperature refrigeration side, Emerson Climate Technologies offers the most energy efficient package available on the market today. Key features and benefits include:
  • Designed for durability and performance in R744 applications
  • Compact dimensions
  • Extremely low sound and reduced pulsation thanks to its specific discharge chamber to reduce pulsations
  • Oil splasher system ensuring lubrication at constant and variable speed
  • Stepless capacity modulation via inverter from 25 to 70 HZ
ModelCompressor DataMotor Versions(2)
 Nominal HPCooling Capacity220/240-1-50380/420-3-50
HPkW(1) R744
4MTL-05_ 5.08.8 EWL
4MTL-07_ 7.011.9 EWL
4MTL-09_ 9.014.6 EWL
4MTL-12_ 12.019.3 AWM
4MTL-15_ 15.025.2 AWM
4MTL-30_ 30.037.0 AWM
(1) kW @ Std. Cond. for: R744, Evaporating -10°C, Cool Gas Temperature 35°C, 90 bar Superheat 10K, Subcooling 0K
(2) Motor versions : for all other motor versions, please contact our sales offices