Semi-Hermetic Compressors Line Up
Semi Hermetic Compressors Standard - R22
The semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor range comprises small K and L compressors, ideal for applications such as condensing units or refrigerated transport systems, and D2S to D8S compressors from 2 to 8 cylinder for units or compact compressor packs for medium to large supermarkets and comfort applications. It is suction gas cooled and uses reed valve technology, found on all reciprocating compressors except Discus™. All compressors are designed for unquestionable reliability and uses positive displacement high flow oil pump that guarantees high oil feeding pressure for good lubrication and bearings’ cooling. Key features and benefits include:
  • Integrated oil pump and Electronic Oil Pressure Switch OPS1 for durability
  • Two motor sizes per displacement, optimized for different applications
  • Large operating envelope that allows medium and low temperature applications to be covered by one single model
  • Provide cooling capacity modulation either by cylinder head blocked suction or with use of frequency inverters from 25 to 60Hz with the standard AWM motors
  • Multi-refrigerant compressor range – one model to cover all standard refrigerants
ModelCompressor DataMotor Versions(2)
 Nominal HPCooling Capacity220/240-1-50380/420-3-50
HPkW(1) R22
KM-50 0.51.7CAG EWL
KM-5X 0.51.7CAG EWL
KM-75 0.81.7CAG EWL
KM-7X 0.81.7CAG EWL
KM-100 1.01.8 EWL
KJ-75 0.82.3CAG EWL
KJ-7X 0.82.3CAG EWL
KJ-100 1.02.4CAG EWL
KJ-10X 1.02.4CAG EWL
KJ-150 1.52.4 EWL
KJ-15X 1.52.4 EWL
KSJ-100 1.03.0CAG EWL
KSJ-10X 1.03.0CAG EWL
KSJ-150 1.53.0CAG EWL
KSJ-15X 1.53.0CAG EWL
KL-150 1.53.5CAG EWL
KL-15X 1.53.5CAG EWL
KSL-200 2.04.4 EWL
KSL-20X 2.04.4 EWL
LE-201 2.04.5 EWL
LE-20X 2.04.5 EWL
LF-301 3.06.3 EWL
LF-30X 3.06.3 EWL
LJ-301 3.07.2 EWL
LJ-30X 3.07.2 EWL
LL-401 4.09.1 EWL
LL-40X 4.09.1 EWL
D4SF-1000 10.025.0 AWM
D4SF-100X 10.025.0 AWM
D4SA-2000 20.026.8 AWM
D4SA-200X 20.026.8 AWM
D4SL-1500 15.033.0 AWM
D4SL-1500-DTC 15.033.0 AWM
D4SH-2500 25.034.4 AWM
D4SH-250X 25.034.4 AWM
D6SF-2000 20.036.7 AWM
D6SF-200X 20.036.7 AWM
D6SA-3000 30.038.5 AWM
D6SA-300X 30.038.5 AWM
D4ST-2000 20.038.7 AWM
D4ST-2000-DTC 20.038.7 AWM
D4SJ-3000 30.039.8 AWM
D4SJ-300X 30.039.8 AWM
D6SL-2500 25.047.4 AWM
D6SL-2500-DTC 25.047.4 AWM
D6SH-3500 35.049.5 AWM
D6SH-350X 35.049.5 AWM
D6ST-3200 32.055.4 AWM
D6ST-3200-DTC 32.055.4 AWM
D6SJ-4000 40.057.4 AWM
D6SJ-400X 40.057.4 AWM
D8SH-3700 37.068.5 AWM
D8SH-370X 37.068.5 AWM
D6SK-5000 50.069.7 AWM
D6SU-4000 40.071.7 AWM
D6SU-4000-DTC 40.071.7 AWM
D8SJ-4500 45.080.7 AWM
D8SJ-450X 45.080.7 AWM
D8SJ-6000 60.084.2 AWM
D8SJ-600X 60.084.2 AWM
D8SK-7000 70.094.5 AWM
D8SK-700X 70.094.5 AWM
(1) kW @ Std. Cond. for: R22, Evaporating -10°C, Condensing 45°C, Superheat 10K, Subcooling 0K
(2) Motor versions : for all other motor versions, please contact our sales offices