Scroll Reliability

Keeping food fresh at all times is the primary concern of any end user and cooling equipment reliability is as a result a key objective in refrigeration. With millions of scrolls installed all over the world, Copeland Scroll™ compressors are known for their reliability thanks to their patented design features:

  • Copeland Compliance Scroll™ design is proof of its adaptability in being able to handle liquid refrigerant and small solid debris to pass through without causing mechanical damages. The radial and axial compliance confers benefits in extended system life.
    • Axial compliance allows the scroll to remain in continuous contact in all normal operating conditions, ensuring minimal leakage without the use of tip seals.
    • Radial compliance provides superior liquid handling capability. During abnormal operations, when a slug of liquid refrigerant or debris enters the scroll compressor, the orbiting scroll separates in the radial direction and allows the liquid / debris to move out of the compressor without damaging internal components.
  • All Copeland Scroll™ compressors use Teflon coated bearings. Even in demanding applications Teflon acts as a lubricant if the oil film disappears in case of poor oil return to the compressor. Scroll compressors throw less oil in the system than other technologies.
  • Copeland Scroll™ compressors simply have 70% fewer parts than reciprocating semi-hermetic compressors.  Fewer parts eliminate failure modes
  • All scrolls are designed with a discharge check valve that isolates the high-pressure discharge gas. It allows the compressor to start unloaded resulting in low inrush currents.
  • All compressors are supplied with internal thermal protectors and other protection devices such as the ASTP (Advanced Scroll Motor Protection) or the integrated electronic module. The compressor is as a result fully protected from motor overheating coming from loss of phase or low refrigerant charge, reverse rotation, overloads and low voltage.
  • Copeland Scroll compressor has a very smooth compression cycle with torque variations that are only 30 percent of that produced by a reciprocating compressor. Scroll compressor imposes very little stress on the motor for greater reliability.
  • All compressor motors are gas cooled by design which keeps the motor cooler for longer life and better efficiency.