Quiet Operation
Quiet Operation

Environmental noise has become a serious problem that can lead to potential contentious situations. It is particularly true for refrigeration applications where kitchen equipment or compressor packs are often source of disturbing noise in domestic areas.

Emerson Climate Technologies put sound minimisation at the centre of any of its new compressor development along reliability, seasonal efficiency and size and weight reduction.
As an example the new Summit Series of Copeland Scroll™ compressor has been designed to provide up to 7 dBA lower sound emissions than its previous generation of compressors.  Together with the Sound Shell - see below - the Summit Series is the quietest compressor available today on the market.

A large portion of equipment acoustic emissions come from condensers and compressors and in some critical sound sensitive applications the refrigeration installations need to be acoustically insulated. Simple solutions are now available to contain sound emissions.  Emerson Climate Technologies has developed a dedicated Sound Shell for all Copeland Scroll compressors from 2–15 HP. It completely encapsulates the compressor, minimizing sound leaks while cooling performance remains uncompromised.


Copeland Scroll compressor without Sound Shell


Copeland Scroll compressor with Sound Shell

Compressor without and with the Sound Shell

Groundbreaking design techniques and materials, derived from the automotive industry, were utilized to design the Sound Shell. The use of low pressure reaction injection moulded parts (top cap cover, terminal box cover and compressor base plate) allows a 10–12 dBA sound attenuation. It is a significant improvement over conventional sound jackets available from other suppliers that reduce sound by 3–6 dBA depending on the application. Particular attention was also paid in the design stage to ensure ease of mounting in retrofit, service and new installation situations.

Compressor quiet operation