Copeland Scroll™ ZB Compressor Line Up
Scroll Refrigeration Standard - R407F
The second generation of refrigeration scroll ZB is designed for medium applications requiring the best all year round energy efficiencies. Copeland Scroll™ compressors have 3 times less moving parts than reciprocating compressors and feature a scroll Compliance mechanism which makes them particularly robust and reliable under severe conditions including liquid slugging. They have the advantage of light weight and compactness, making them ideal for the usage in condensing units, compact refrigeration systems or special process units. The Summit scroll Series from 7 to 15hp is designed to provide seasonal efficiencies 15% higher than traditional semi hermetic compressors. These compressors are extremely quiet. All models can be fitted with an external sound shell for an additional 10dBA sound reduction, which makes them the best choice for refrigeration applications in urban and domestic areas. The ZB range also features ZB220 (30hp), the largest refrigeration scroll available on the market. Other important features include low condensing capabilities, large operating envelope and fast pull down for high adaptability.
ModelCompressor DataMotor Versions(2)
 Nominal HPCooling Capacity220/240-1-50380/420-3-50
HPkW(1) R407F
ZB15KCE 2.03.0 TFD
ZB19KCE 2.53.8 TFD
ZB21KCE 3.04.6 TFD
ZB26KCE 3.55.3 TFD
ZB30KCE 4.06.6 TFD
ZB38KCE 5.08.2 TFD
ZB45KCE 6.09.7 TFD
(1) kW @ Std. Cond. for: R407F, Evaporating -10°C, Condensing 45°C, Suction Gas Return 20°C, Subcooling 0K (Dew Point data)
(2) Motor versions : for all other motor versions, please contact our sales offices