Copeland Scroll™ 100
Copeland Scroll™ 100 Million and 25th Anniversary Celebration

Ed Purvis

100 Millionth Milestone

Emerson Celebrates 100 Millionth Copeland Scroll™ Compressor and 25th Anniversary

The Copeland Scroll 100 millionth celebration represents a significant achievement for Emerson and the global HVACR community. In early July, the 100 millionth Copeland Scroll compressor rolled off the production line in Lebanon, Missouri, USA.

Watch Where We're Going

Emerson ushered in a new phase of energy efficiency for the HVACR industry 25 years ago with the launch of Copeland Scroll technology in 1987. By 1992, the company had produced one million Copeland Scroll compressors. Today, Emerson manufactures Copeland Scroll compressors in eight facilities on three continents.

Our compressors are used by all the major OEM air conditioning and refrigeration system providers in the U.S. as well as by many others globally.

New Technologies

Advances in design and scroll technology enable our customers and their customers to meet the ever-changing landscape of our industry, including efficiency regulations, smarter systems, consumer demand for comfort and energy savings, refrigerants and growth in applications worldwide like heat pumps.

Modulating Technology

Copeland Scroll Inverter Drive and Variable Speed Compressor

Inverter Drive for variable Speed Scroll

Copeland Scroll Variable Speed Compressor

Modulating Technology

The drive to improve energy efficiency of cooling systems is fueling greater interest in variable capacity technologies where the cooling capacity of the system varies with the load.

Copeland Scroll Variable Speed

Our latest advancement in modulating technology.

Copeland Scroll Digital™

An innovative way to modulate the capacity of the compressor 10-100 percent.     
More Efficient Scroll Designs

More Efficient Scroll Designs

End-users and consumers around the world are looking for products that will help save money. Copeland Scroll is known for its efficient design – technology that wears in and not out – and we continue to release new technologies to meet the energy demands of today and tomorrow.

Follow us on Facebook as we celebrate our 100 million milestone and 25th anniversary globally over the next 6-8 months. You can also check out this photo gallery on Flicker.

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Our celebration included a contest in which each of our plants turned a compressor into art and the public voted for their favorite on Facebook. Watch as the winning entry is announced.

November 14, 2012 marks the 25th Anniversary of Copeland Scroll technology Years of Technology.