Copeland Scroll™ compressors have become the technology of choice for residential and commercial comfort market, adopted by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) because of their superior efficiency, proven reliability and ease of installation. With the broadest product range in the industry, Copeland Scroll compressors are available from 1–60 HP.

Emerson Climate Technologies is the world’s leading provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial applications: combining technically superior products and services from our industry-leading divisions and brands with our global engineering, design and distribution capabilities, in order to create reliable, energy efficient climate systems that improve human comfort, safeguard food, and protect the environment.


As the industry is looking towards the adoption of more environment-friendly refrigerants, transition to R-410A is happening at a very rapid pace. Emerson has the industry’s broadest range of environmental friendly R-410A compressors.

Energy Efficient

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) prefer Copeland Scroll™ compressors because they are inherently more energy efficient than other technologies. Future European Directive will call for even higher system efficiency; Emerson is ready to take up the challenge.

Energy Savings

With the increasing cost of energy, customers are looking for more ways to save money .

This represents an opportunity for energy savings using proven technologies, such as Copeland Scroll™ compressors. In fact, OEMs have more opportunities than ever to satisfy their customers with improved comfort and energy saving products.

Residential Heating

ZH Copeland Scroll compressor has a significant role to increase heat pump efficiency. With homeowners switching to high-efficiency systems, energy consumption and therefore heating bill could be reduced.

Variable Speed Technology

The new Copeland Scroll ZPV and ZHW Variable Speed compressors with capacity modulation have been developed to deliver outstanding performances and reliability, both in new buildings and boiler replacement scenarios. They feature a state of the art brushless permanent magnet motor matched with a highly efficient inverter drive. ZHW Variable Speed scrolls are designed for heating applications, while ZPV Variable Speed scrolls are optimized for cooling and low temperature heating applications

Enhanced Vapor Injection

ZH Copeland Scroll™ compressors are also available with Enhanced Vapor Injection technology which:

  • Increase compressor COP
  • Increase compressor heating capacity
  • Extend working range


HVAC accounts for over 50% of the total energy consumed in commercial buildings.
Emerson offers the industry’s broadest line of compressors capable of high efficiency — fixed capacity scroll and Copeland Scroll Digital™ for modulated air conditioning systems. These compressors provide more energy savings and tighter temperature control.


Different modulating technologies are available across Copeland Scroll™ Compressor range: Multiscroll , Digital Scroll , Variable Speed . All of them increasing system efficiency, control precision and human comfort