System capacity can be modulated by using multiple compressors in single or multiple refrigeration circuits. Differently to the screw compressors, multiscroll solutions have not envelope restrictions, there is not minimum time required to run in every condition and there is no need to run full displacement to guarantee lubrification.


  • Installation costs: least expensive form of modulation
  • Electromagnetic interference Issues: None
  • Oil management: no extra oil management hardware needed
  • Reliability: Copeland™ qualified design
  • Flexibility: wide and smooth system line-up with a limited number of compressor models
  • Efficiency: high part-load and full load efficiency

Range of Multiple Compressor Combinations
The boxes in green identify the available combination and the cooling capacity in kW at EN12900 conditions.

  Click here to view a table showing the possible combinations of multiple compressors.

Six to eight compressors per unit can be used, which means, depending on the even or uneven combination, up to 12 capacity steps available to match the load by cycling the compressors on and off.