450XL Series
450XL Series

The 450XL can operate with ammonia, halocarbon and even some hydrocarbon refrigerants. It works in extreme applications with up to a 250# pressure differential. It can be belt-driven up to 224 kW or direct driven all the way up to 280 kW. And it can run at high compression ratios all the way up to 12:1 with certain halocarbon refrigerants.

Even with all these built-in features, you’ll still find the 450XL to be extremely cost-efficient. This compressor has a whopping 85 m³/hr /cylinder displacement while running a 1200 RPM.
The 450XL can be installed almost anywhere, even on an upper floor if necessary, since vibration is kept to a minimum. Noise level is low too, due to the use of quick-acting, precise ring plate suction and discharge valves.

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