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Many sites use a technology called "cookies" where a Web site sends an element of data through your browser to your system. Some Emerson site pages use cookies so that we can better serve you when you return to our site. We're changing so it's easier for you to manage the cookies we use. We'll honour your preferences if you make any changes, but a minority of cookies may not be controlled correctly until we've finished making all the necessary changes to

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Purpose of Strictly Necessary Cookies

  • SharePoint System Internal cookie
  • Store the level of cookie that determine which types of cookie will be put on the user's machine. It is also used to know if the user decline to accept the cookie.
  • Used to uniquely identify Emerson Platform being accessed by the user.
  • Used for storing relative path URL on which to redirect the user after getting the Emerson Domain specific site.
  • Used to store the variation site selected by the user.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

  • _utma
  • _utmb
  • _utmc
  • _utmz
  • emerson_cookie_level
  • DivisionSpecific
  • RedirectURL
  • ENPVariationCookie

These cookies allow Emerson to improve your web site experience by allowing us to see how content is consumed, and how satisfied visitors are with the content. We do not sell information collected to advertisers.

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Purpose of 3rd Party Cookies

  • Used for click-through analysis through Webtrends and Google Analytics to improve the web site experience.
  • Allow users to share any articles or contents from the web site through their favorite social network.

3rd Party Cookie Domain

  • /
  • /

3rd Party Cookies

  • WT_FPC
  • NID
  • PREF
  • ServiceHistory