Climate Considerations
Climate Considerations

Looking for the most adequate A/W heat pump solution means to have a very thorough look at the location in order to understand the climate impact. The heat needed for a building changes in proportion to the ambient temperature and their respective hours.

Typical meteorological data showing the temperature and hour distribution for 3 types of climates

The above chart is based on the typical meteorological data for a year and illustrates the distribution of temperature and hour for the three climates currently used for defining a cold (Helsinki, Finland), average (Strasbourg, France) and warm (Athens, Greece) climate condition.

It is evident that an A/W heat pump solution in a cold climate will have to work in very different ambient conditions than in an average or even warm climate. In addition the humidity has to be factored in – the more humidity at specific temperature - the more ice building can happen and the more often a defrosting of the evaporator is needed.

An efficient A/W heat pump has to be designed accordingly to fit to the climate condition as well as to the required heating temperature needed for the building.

ZP compressor for A/W heat pump application for lower heating temperatures
ZH compressor for A/W heat pump application for higher heating temperatures
ZHW variable speed compressor for A/W heat pump application wide temperature range