Process Refrigeration
Process Refrigeration

Emerson offers packaged refrigeration systems to meet any need.  These complete, factory-engineered and assembled systems are designed to meet your specific requirements and address your unique cooling problems.  Complete refrigeration systems are mounted on structural steel bases complete with interconnecting piping per ANSI B31.5, refrigeration Piping Code.  We offer ANSI B31.3, Process Piping Code when required and all systems are pressure tested per ANSI B31.3.

We have the technical and engineering expertise to assist with your unique application.  The Vilter business unit of Emerson specializes in designing custom packages. Common applications include:  gas plant refrigeration, air conditioning, food and beverage plants, air drying, ammonia fertilizer plants, anodizing processes and petro-chemical gas/process cooling.

Wet shale gas processing has created strong demand for propane refrigeration packaged systems featuring standard designs and rapid delivery schedules.  Emerson can design and fabricate mechanical propane refrigeration systems for natural gas liquids recovery and fractionation of high BTU casing gas.  We are able to meet aggressive project schedules to deliver equipment on time and on budget.

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