Gas Production
Gas Production

Gas production and gathering systems operate at pressures that maximize total gas throughput from all connected wells.  Because wells produce at progressively lower field pressures as they age, production rates decline as reservoir pressures are unable to overcome higher pressures from gathering pipeline systems.  In most situations, natural gas compressors are placed in service to “boost” wellhead pressures to the desired discharge pressure.  This allows gas to flow and be produced for sale.   Centrally located compressors also serve to lower gathering system pressure to allow wells to flow freely. 

Emerson is providing the natural gas industry with Vilter™ Single Screw and Copeland Scroll™ compressors and packaged systems.  These compressor based solutions deliver high pressure capability typically found only in reciprocating compressors, along with inherent benefits of oil flooded screw technology.  Emerson compressors deliver longer life, higher reliability and better part load efficiency than any screw compressor and have fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors.


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