Vilter is the name to rely on for dependable, high-performance refrigeration. Our products include a complete line of compressors , condensers, heat exchangers and related equipment to solve any refrigeration challenge. You will find Vilter equipment used throughout the world, from the smallest cold storage room to huge food processing operations.

With more than a century of industrial refrigeration experience, Vilter as the expertise needed to address today's increasingly complex cooling and industrial heating applications. No two customers share the exact same refrigeration requirements. Tonnage requirements, client specifications, and space restrictions can vary significantly from application to application. However, all of our customers do share the need for a refrigeration system that will minimize operating costs and maintain vital process temperatures. And Vilter is a name that stands for quality.

From initial design and engineering to techniques and materials used for product assembly, Vilter's exacting standards of craftsmanship combine tradition and technology.