Rail Air Conditioning
Rail Air Conditioning
Air conditioning for passenger comfort is a prerequisite in today’s public transport vehicles. At the same time, maximisation of passenger space and streamlining of high speed trains increasingly impose limitations on height. The low profile design and modulation capabilities of the ZRH compressor range are the ideal response to these market needs and has become a standard for top mounted railway air conditioning units. However, where the unit design allows for more space also vertical scroll compressor and semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor designs are being applied.

When China decided on quick and rapid rail infrastructure expansion, railway authorities and train air conditioner manufacturers relied on Emerson Climate Technologies’ Copeland Scroll™  compressors. Emerson is proud of the unanimous selection of Copeland Scroll  compressors for their consistently-proven reliability and performance standards in train applications.

Many of European light trains, trams and underground trains are refrigerated by Copeland horizontal scrolls, among those are trains operated by London Underground and Paris Metro.

Emerson also offers take-apart thermal expansion valves with interchangeable components for ease of service in transport applications (T-series and TX-series). The ADK filter drier offers long-lasting protection from moisture and contaminants.
ZRH Horizontal Copeland Scroll Compressor