Milk Cooling
Milk Cooling
Few outsiders would believe that one of the world’s most demanding cold storage applications would be found on dairy farms. Dairy farms face numerous risks when placing bulk milk cooling systems into remote environments, where little maintenance exists, and service is not always readily available. Manufacturers of refrigeration systems have turned to Copeland Scroll™ condensing units and compressors to improve reliability and reduce failures in the field.

Bulk Milk Storage

Raw milk must be immediately cooled from 35°C and maintained at 4°C to preserve freshness and quality. As a result, the milk-refrigeration process consumes about 25 percent of total farm electricity usage. Dairy farmers have recognized that effective and efficient cooling equipment is key to high level of milk quality and control of system operation costs. Leading milk tank manufacturers rely on Copeland Scroll condensing units and compressors.

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Milk cooling