CO2 Solutions
CO2 in Retail Applications
​Today, Carbon Dioxide is considered a standard solution when a supermarket chain is developing new projects. Political (see Kyoto Protocol and new legislation restrictions), economic, environmental, and thermodynamic advantages have made this refrigerant, in most cases, superior by comparison to others. Because of advancements made in recent years, Carbon Dioxide is one of the most suitable and available GREEN solutions present in the market today.
Dixell has always given special attention to Environmental and Energy Saving Solutions and has developed systems with CO2 refrigerant management, which suits the needs of Contractors and OEMs in the Commercial Refrigeration field. Currently we can offer a complete controller range for CO2 applications in subcritical and transcritical plants both for LT and MT sections.
  • Natural gas (OPD=0 - GWP=1)
  • Nonflammable
  • Non-toxic
  • Compatible with most common materials
  • Cost effective
  • High energy efficiency


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to adjust
  • Cost effective
  • High efficiency
  • Complete for LT and MT

To meet customer needs and environmental conditions, multiple CO2 solutions are available:

TRANSCRITICAL SYSTEM (Booster Solution)This advanced solution allows you to have a complete GREEN application with the use of CO2 as unique refrigerant fluid. With Dixell’s industry expertise and experience, we provide a complete solution that allows you to optimally manage advanced and innovative plants.

iProRACK: compressor rack controller 
IPRC02D: gas cooler pressure regulator
XEV20D: electronic expansion valve driver
XM600: cabinet controller 

Transcritical System 

A partial GREEN solution that uses natural fluid, R744 is used only in an LT application while an HFC refrigerant is used in the MT plant.  
iProRACK: compressor rack controller 
XEV32D: electronic expansion valve driver
XM600: cabinet controller 

 Subcritical System

CO2 Controller Range