PC interface software for CoreSense™ Diagnostics
PC interface software for CoreSense™ Diagnostics

AACHEN, GERMANY, October 25, 2012 – Emerson Climate Technologies is providing a new software tool for CoreSense Diagnostics on Copeland™ Stream compressors. In addition to the multi-color LEDs on each CoreSense module, this PC interface software provides fast access to the past and present status of Stream compressors. Running status as well as the alarm history (most recent 10 alarms, 8-day alarm history and total number of alarms since the compressor first started) is available. The configuration of the compressor parameters is possible with a service laptop and also remotely using open Modbus® communication. Furthermore, auto and manual data logging as well as operating instructions are available with the software. Additional information like location and customer name can be entered, too. If more than one compressor is installed, they can be accessed all at one time. The new PC interface software is available through a software CD from Emerson Climate Technologies sales offices.

CoreSense Diagnostics is an innovation providing advanced compressor protection and diagnostics benefits for improved system reliability, reduced service costs and increased equipment life time. With CoreSense technology, service engineers can diagnose system-related problems faster or even before they occur, in order to keep refrigeration systems in optimum condition over their entire lifetime. The diagnostics module stores compressor asset information, advanced runtime information and faulty history information. All compressor models of the Stream family feature CoreSense Diagnostics, which caters to the needs of system manufacturers, contractors, installers and end-users.

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