Intelligent Circuit Management With Performance Enhancing Emerson Solution For A/W Applications in Heating And Air Conditioning
Intelligent Circuit Management With Performance Enhancing Emerson Solution For A/W Applications In heating And Air Conditioning

MILAN (ITALY), March 15, 2016 – With a preview at the Mostra fair, Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) introduces a variety of new solutions for the commercial heating and air conditioning market responding to the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s  legislative and market trends.

Upcoming challenges such as energy efficiency requirements set-up by the Ecodesign Directive, end-user demands to optimize energy consumption and operating costs are determining the market resulting in an increase of system complexity, system development time and costs. In addition system manufacturers are confronted with competitive constraints when it comes to commercial competitiveness and time-to-market. Emerson Climate Technologies stays abreast of these challenges presenting a new performance enhancing concept for a variety of solutions designed for air-to-water applications in the heating and air conditioning segment. This concept will not only enable the system manufacturers to meet the Ecodesign Directive requirements but to decrease their time-to-market while increasing the return on investment.
This performance enhancing solution for commercial chillers and heat pumps combines Emerson compressors, valves and controls in a smart way; matching and optimizing their operation to achieve most reliable and efficient system circuit management.
This concept relies on the unique know how of Emerson in compressor technology, flow controls and controllers and allows efficient and reliable management of two to six compressors – both variable and fixed speed – on one or two circuits.
Such improved refrigerant circuit management enables Emerson’s customers releasing the full potential of their system by achieving enhanced reliability and efficiency levels in an extended operating range.
At the heart of this solution, the control module includes Emerson proprietary algorithms used to manage the compressors and the electronic expansion valve of each refrigerant circuit in an intelligent way. Smart compressor and valve management as well as accurate temperatures and pressures measurement allow evaporator superheat optimization, resulting in an increase of the system´s seasonal efficiency up to 6%.
A new set of insightful information on operation and status of compressors, drives and flow controls are made available to customer's system controller via standard RS485 Modbus® communication. Accessing live components status, operating condition and performance allows customers optimizing the operation of their systems and delivering valuable information to the building management system and the end-users.
This solution can easily be integrated with Dixell parametric and programmable controllers using proprietary LAN or standard Modbus communication.
During Mostra Emerson Climate Technologies will show three versions of this integrated solution for different applications:
  • A performance enhancing solution for reversible and cooling only air-to-water chillers from 40 to 250 kW using variable and fixed speed Copeland Scroll compressors in single or multiple configurations
  • A preview on a performance enhancing solution for large air-to-water chillers from 200 to 400 kW - reversible and cooling only - based on the new generation of large Copeland Scroll compressors from 20 to 25hp in tandem configuration. This new generation of ZP compressors will be equipped with embedded electronics and internal sensors allowing for smart lubrication management, advanced diagnostics and compressor monitoring.
  • For the commercial heating segment Emerson gives a preview on a performance enhancing solution for high temperature air-to-water heat pumps up to 200 kW based on a configuration of ZHI fixed speed compressors with ZHW variable speed compressors – both equipped with Enhanced Vapor Injection.
Emerson's competences in compressor, controls and controller technology are the base for this performance enhancement solutions. All Emerson parts work together to further generate value for customer, this is what Emerson calls an Integrated Solution. 
Easing and reducing controller set-ups, easing the capacity management of variable and fixed speed compressors for single, tandem or trio configuration the control module is a plug and play solution. It will support the customer decreasing his system development time and investment costs while increasing his “go-to-market” speed. Apart from less testing phases needed for qualifying systems that are using variable compressors the customer benefit from a higher seasonal system efficiency due to an optimized superheat control. Furthermore the system reliability will increase due to the smart oil management and advanced diagnostics enabled by Emerson integrated solution. The best conditions for being compliant to Ecodesign Directive and ready for tomorrow market.
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