Emerson's Farm to Fork Solutions, Showcased at the 2017 EuroShop
Emerson's Farm to Fork Solutions, Showcased at the 2017 EuroShop

AACHEN (GERMANY), May 2, 2017 –
Food retail is undergoing dramatic shifts driven by changing consumer needs and expectations, the continuous digitalization and the closer attention for the environment. Being one of the primary sources of information for retailers, as well as for manufacturers, the 2017 EuroShop gathered the latest trends for retail market, encompassing more than 113,000 visitors and 2,300 exhibitors from 61 countries.  From more flexibility in store design to more sustainable and tailor-made refrigeration solutions, together with highly developed Internet of Things capabilities, the food retail market is on its way towards new dimensions.

Emerson showcased at EuroShop the latest developments in terms of refrigeration, presenting its tailor-made retail solutions, for the entire cold chain, from farm to fork. Innovative and sustainable, Emerson solutions ensure flexibility in the retailers’ store design, improve supermarkets’ operational and energy efficiency while enhancing the customers’ shopping experience.

Safeguarding the Food, from Farm to Fork
Being a leader in cold chain management, Emerson meets these demanding expectations, offering unique solutions, which are respectful of the environmental sustainability.
At EuroShop 2017, Emerson has successfully presented its comprehensive range of solutions for the entire cold chain, from farm to fork. Using a cutting-edge technology, consisting of a cloud-based data center, integrated facility controls and Internet of Things capabilities, Emerson can monitor the food from harvesting, processing, transportation to distribution. The goal is to preserve the food fresh, from its origin all the way to its final consumer, by a permanent monitoring of the temperature control and location throughout the entire processes of the cold chain. Thus, Emerson helps retailers to access real-time performance data, in order to optimize operations and increase overall performance. Consequently, the amount of food waste will be decreased, as well as the energy consumption and maintenance costs. In this manner, retailers can drive sales growth and protect their brand, while ensuring the highest level of food quality and safety for their customers.

Emerson's Cold Chain Solutions 

  Emerson's Cold Chain Solutions

Integrated Retail Solutions for all Shop Formats
Emerson addresses retailers through an unequalled range of integrated refrigeration solutions, designed to fit all store formats, from smaller stores up to large hypermarkets.  Whether retailers want to opt for integrated self-contained, decentralized or even centralized refrigeration system architectures, Emerson integrates compressors, controls and monitoring devices to a solution that perfectly suits the retailer´s needs and supports both: Low GWP and natural refrigerants applications.
CO₂ or propane, as natural refrigerants, are long-term alternatives in commercial refrigeration. CO₂ is a very convenient option for larger applications, but due to the increasing number of CO₂ refrigeration units that has appeared recently on the market, this option seems to be viable also for smaller application formats, like convenience stores or cold rooms. Alternatively, propane gains more and more terrain due to its limited charge amount in the system and the reduced complexity that comes usually with the CO₂ systems. 
When it comes to natural refrigerants developments, Emerson has focused on broadening its portfolio of propane scroll compressors, currently covering applications from integral display cases to compact medium temperature refrigeration chillers or small cascade systems. Mostly suitable for discount stores and smaller applications, the plug `n` play cabinets are a very convenient solution for supermarkets when thinking about flexibility in the store layout. The fast setup and the minimum maintenance requirements of these systems offer a great reliability during lifetime. If needed, they can be easily replaced and repaired off-site, with no significant disruption of the retail activity.
Regarding CO₂ applications, Emerson already has in its portfolio a full CO₂ compressors and controls offering. The newest one and, at the same time, a highlight in Emerson`s portfolio of CO₂ solutions is the Copeland™ EazyCool CO₂ refrigeration unit range, equipped with state of the art control system including Modbus communication. This capability helps retailers prevent food spoilage, through real-time control, provided by a cloud monitoring system. At the heart of the unit is a Stream compressor, known for its superior efficiency, reliability and low vibration operation. The Copeland™ EazyCool CO₂ refrigeration unit is simple to install and easily accessible for quick service.
Besides the CO₂ refrigeration unit, visitors could experience solutions that optimize building energy management systems. These solutions, called Enterprise Services, allow retailers to monitor, through Emerson programmable controllers, the lighting and HVAC units, such as chillers, heat pumps, rooftops, AHUs, cross flow heat recovery units.  Light controls are part of the integrated solution and are managed in a variety of increasingly complex and performing approaches, from standard ones based on digital or analog signals to advanced ones, based on the use of serial protocols.
Sustainability by Recycling Food Waste
Sustainability is at the core of Emerson activities, for this reason food waste is another topic Emerson will focus on. Introduced at EuroShop 2017, the Grind2Energy™ solution serves as Emerson`s innovative technology of recycling food waste. With the help of an InSinkErator® garbage disposal, the food scrap, including fats, oils and grease is converted into energy, in the form of electricity, heat or compressed natural gas.
Emerson helps retailers stay abreast of the latest market trends while being compliant to all legislative requirements, like F-Gas and Ecodesign. Emerson technologies using natural refrigerants, like CO₂ or propane, reduce the global warming impact, by minimizing the greenhouse gas emissions.
Preparing for EuroShop 2020
With solutions that safeguard the food supply for the entire cold chain, ensure flexibility in the store design, optimize the operational efficiency and the business results, and mostly give consumers a pleasant shopping experience, Emerson is looking ahead, as Steve Santy, Vice President / General Manager Retail Solutions Europe, Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions adds: “We want retailers to rely on a good partner like Emerson, that can provide the best and broadest solutions possible.”  As 2020 is close to come, Emerson looks forward to the next EuroShop trade show, to discuss new trends and share smart technologies with retailers.
Emerson Booth At EuroShop 2017 
Emerson Booth At EuroShop 2017
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