Emerson Announces A New Generation Of Large Commercial Scrolls For Meeting Future Ecodesign Efficiency
Emerson Announces A New Generation Of Large Commercial Scrolls For Meeting Future Ecodesign Efficiency
MILAN (ITALY), March 15, 2016 – Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) presents a new generation of large Copeland Scroll™ compressors designed for chillers and rooftops at Mostra Convegno.
The Ecodesign Directive requires air conditioning OEMs to review their equipment to meet the minimum seasonal performance level. At the same time end-users demand a reduction of energy consumption and operating costs. To meet those requirements, system manufacturers face competitive constraints and time-to-market.
With the launch of a new generation of fixed speed large commercial scroll compressors, Emerson Climate Technologies stays ahead of these demands. With a typical system size between 100 and 400 kW, the ZP232KCE and ZP292KCE models are designed with an extended operating envelope for reversible chillers, rooftop or air handling units, process cooling and data centers. The tandem and trio configuration with both fixed and variable speed scrolls will allow step-less modulation for an increased performance and precision cooling within an extended modulated capacity range.
These new models are equipped with VVR technology to deliver the best part-load cooling efficiency, increasing the seasonal efficiency performance (SEER) by 5% compared to the previous generation. Furthermore the compressors are equipped with CoreSense™ Communication, which provides real-time compressor data via RS485 Modbus. Featuring these electronics, the compressors enable the system controller to define an advanced compressor protection strategy without compromises between down time and system integrity.
The new large commercial scrolls form part of a new concept that will be launched to the market in several steps. In its advanced evolution, compressor internal sensors allow retrieval of multiple data on the compressor status and conditions in the operating envelope. Unique Emerson algorithms use this information and boost the performance by interacting with the refrigerant circuit system controller. The combination of these new compressors with internal sensors with Emerson valves and controllers deploys the full strength of this integrated solution. Emerson intelligent algorithms in the system controller analyze the compressor data to control the electronic valves to optimize the system’s operation for increased performance. A most reliable and efficient refrigerant system circuit management is the result achieved by optimized superheat, precise measurement, improved oil management and predictive maintenance.
System manufacturers will benefit from increased system efficiency meeting end-users’ energy saving demands and fulfilling Ecodesign Directive requirements. They will also be able to reduce the time-to-market while increasing the return on investment.
The new generation of scrolls will deliver improved seasonal efficiency, system reliability, and an extended operating envelope which will meet the needs of the most demanding customers, end-users and air conditioning manufacturers. 
New Generation Large Commercial Copeland Scroll™ Compressor
New Generation Large Commercial Copeland Scroll™ Compressor
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