Dixell Solutions for CO2 Refrigerant Management in the Retail Field
Dixell Solutions for CO2 Refrigerant Management in the Retail Field
  • Integrated solutions for LT and MT applications
  • High energy efficiency
  • Cost effective
BELLUNO, ITALY, October 14, 2014 – The use of Carbon Dioxide in refrigeration systems is fundamental to help reducing environmental pollution. Dixell has always given special attention to this aspect and has developed systems with CO2 refrigerant management, which suits the needs of Contractors and OEM in the commercial refrigeration field. A complete range of controllers and drivers for CO2 applications is available both in transcritical and in subcritical plants.

The transcritical system (booster solution), used for LT and MT applications, allows to have a complete green application with the use of CO2 refrigerant as unique refrigerant fluid. Dixell solutions for compressor management are programmable controllers (iProRACK), stepper EEV driver (XEV20D) and a gas cooler pressure regulator (IPRC02D). Cabinet management is obtained by means of XM600 controllers.

The subcritical system (cascade solution) uses R744 natural fluid only in LT application, and HFC refrigerant in MT plant. In this case, Dixell proposes a complete compressor management with either programmable (iProRACK) or digital (XC1000D) controllers, and the stepper EEV driver (XEV32D) which is designed for CO2 cascade plant. Cabinet management is obtained by means of XM600 controllers.
controllers and drivers for optimized management of CO2 systems
A complete range of controllers and drivers for optimized management of CO2 systems
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